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ALL other methods compared to Hair Stranding

 All methods have one thing in common – they cause you to lose hair to add hair.  

Hair Stranding is the first and only method that doesn’t cause you to lose hair.

All and any Hair Extension and or Hair Weave adds hair – although cause you to lose hair during the process.  Hair Extensions typically last 3 or 4 months but every time they are removed, you lose more of your own hair.

All and any non-surgical hair replacements either remove or cover your existing hair to add hair.  So again – you lose more hair to add hair.

Surgical hair transplants take hair from the back of your head and transplant to the front or top of your head.  Again, this is losing hair (in the back  areas of your head that doesn’t grow back) to add hair.

Wigs cover your existing hair and thereby the covering cause additional hair loss, especially alone the entire front hairline.

All growing solutions – supplements, drugs, topical solutions, laser treatments of all types – do not make you lose hair to grow hair although these must be consistent on a daily basis otherwise the hair you have gained (if any) will be lost and worse possible reverted back to the amount of loss you once had.  Some hair growing solutions are good from the standpoint of slowing down hair loss and sometimes growing some hair but there are no hair growing solutions that grow the hair substantially to the amount of hair you really want or would be ultimately satisfied.  All and any hair growing solution will do one of the following:

·         Nothing

·         Slow down or stop fall out if you continue the treatments daily.

·         Grow hair – but never a substantial amount of hair growth to the degree that will satisfy you.

So, hair growing solutions are good but they have the above limitations and the public needs to know these limitations.  If individuals are agreeable to these levels of progress or limitations, then it’s feasible for an individual to purchase any of these methods or categories of methods.

An additional exclusive benefit of Hair Stranding with regard to hair growing treatments is the fact that Hair Stranding is also the one and only method of which you can intake in any method of hair growing treatments WHILE having the added hair through Hair Stranding.  So Hair Stranding enables you to add the volume of hair that would really make you happy WHILE still reducing additional hair loss or possible growing you hair through any of these treatments simultaneously! 


Restrictions – All of the categories of adding hair all have restrictions also.  All Hair Extensions and Hair weaves cannot add hair on the top or front of the head or if added in these areas individuals would then have to be strict with the way they style their hair and therefore very conscious of what they do during their daily life. This is very limiting and cause uncomfortable daily living style.

ALL non-surgical hair replacements cover the top areas and therefore the added hair in the top areas hang over into the side areas.   This can be designed in a natural way although individuals still have styling restrictions. Conversely, Hair Stranding blends in-between any existing hairs, so no matter how you bush, style and push the hair around it will be 100% seamless. This is part of the “Blending Factor”. When blending, especially one hair at a time as Hair Stranding does, the additional hair becomes indistinguishable from the real growing hair. This is therefore the ONLY method and or new category of adding hair that enables individuals to not think about their hair during their daily living, because no matter what situation they are in and or how the hair gets messed or pushed around the blended hair is seamless from the growing hair.

Hair Transplants are also restrictive due to a limitation of the amount of hair that can be taken from the back areas and move to the front areas.  This is a mathematical issue – the donor area in the back is at maximum 25% of your head of hair, versus the thinning area is at minimum 50% of the total area of you head of hair (in most case the thinning needed area is 60% +).  So doctors are restricted on how much hair they can take from the back to move into the front or top, therefore individuals are also restricted on how they can wear their hair because not all of the areas are filled in enough.

There is also a method called micro-linking (many companies put their own name to this method) where synthetic hair is added to the existing hair – taking 2 to 3 synthetic hairs and tying them onto 2 or 3 of your growing hairs.  This method works well and is very fine although again it is very restricted. Individuals are restricted on the amount of hair that can be added based totally on how much hair you have to add onto.  Example, in areas that have very sort fussy hairs – these areas cannot have these additional synthetic hairs added, plus any balding or bald areas – these areas also cannot have any hair added.  So, this also restricts the individual in providing enough hair to satisfy himself. Plus, this method is not practical due to the fact that as your hair grows these added synthetic hairs grow upwards causing them to fall off easily and also causing high maintenance of cost too.                                                                                              But with the Hair Stranding concept due to the Micro Stand invention, ANY amount of hair can be added no matter what the hair condition is. 

 So Hair Standing is the ONLY non-restricted method of adding additional hair.  Therefore, Hair Stranding again due to its Micro Stand invention is the ONLY… Cure-all.  The term “Cure-all” means that it will sufficiently add enough hair to satisfy any individual’s needs no matter what hair situation any individual has on earth!   

Please remember these important details and the “Common Denominator” of all options in existence compared to Hair Stranding (due the Micro Strand invention)  


Written by Dino Dondiego, inventor of the Micro Strand and Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend.


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