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In this digital world, it’s more important for people to know the benefits you get from using a certain product or service/method, especially when it comes to the health of your hair. Knowing all these benefits help you to become more confident to show yourself off with your hair.

InvisaBlend’s Hair Stranding offers advanced benefits for your precious hair. Yes, you read that right! The following are the major advanced benefits of Hair Stranding:


1.       It’s healthy compared to ALL and ANY other hair replacements! Hair Stranding is the first and only healthy approach to add additional hair. Thus,

a.) It feeds additional real hair in between your own hair without ruining your natural hair

b.) Adds additional hair volume and or length while stimulating your hair growth simultaneously.

2.       You’ll feel nothing, nut your own scalp! Due to the invention of Micro Strand, you will see and feel nothing but your own hair and scalp. So, running your fingers directly from the scalp down to the tip of your hair is now easier.

3.       Full Scalp Accessibility: For the first time ever you can add additional real hair and also have full scalp accessibility to utilize all of your existing hair while stimulating your hair growth too.

4.       It lasts longer than you imagined! Most methods of adding hair last 3 or 4 months only, butHair Stranding lasts 3 to 4 years, ten times longer than most other methods do.

5.       Real Growth Appearance. Hair Stranding’s highly advanced technology creates “Real Hair-Growth appearance”.  Due to the invention of the Micro Strand single human hairs can be feed into these Micro Strands in the same manner as real hair grows out of the human scalp.   In your opinion does this hairline look 100% purely natural? 

6.       Gradually increasing hair volume. For anyone that would be more comfortable with their hair volume gradually increasing, the Hair Stranding technology makes this available for you.  Any hair volume can be added in balance with your personal comfort level, plus additional increases can be added at a time periods you desire, and in accordance to hair volume percentages personalized for you. 

So now, aren’t you still convinced that Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is the best method you can use with your hair? Don’t waste any second, visit the InvisaBlend center today and get a chance to experience the best care for your hair!

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