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Micro Strand is the newest hair invention that you need to know and experience today! This breakthrough invention has been invented to improve hair volume and hair quality.

Ever wonder what is Micro Strand? 

Well, it is something you’ll thank God for! Seriously, it’s a filament creation that was invented to duplicate one single human hair, which means, it’s created to replicate the same diameter of a fine high quality human hair, along with having the same softness and flexibility of such a human hair too. What makes Micro Strand unique is that, it composed of some additional components of strength with a unique translucent color tone. It’s composed of unique mixture of ingredients that make it ten to fifteen times stronger than the average human hair and is formulated to become translucent or see through. In fact, the human eye can actually see directly through one of the individual Micro Stands. 

So, imagine looking at one of these Micro Strands—you would only think this was a single human hair, but when you place this single Micro Strand again any color skin tone or scalp this will actually disappear upon contact of the skin or scalp, or real invisible thread or filament. The point of making this Micro Strand ten to fifteen time stronger than a human hair is for the benefit of being many more times durable than any human hair.

Now you would think this Micro Strand invention was created to duplicate human hair in the sense of replacement human hair or as a substitute to human hair—but this is not its purpose—the Micro Strand’s purpose is to add human hair on to these Micro Strands.

Plus, all the individual’s existing hair is utilized and open to grow freely.  The individual’s entire scalp is also fully accessible too. This creates a healthy environment for each individual’s hair and scalp.


Conversely, all other methods of adding additional hair cause additional hair loss and are not healthy for the individual’s hair and scalp.  Plus, all other methods have restrictions on what each individual can and can’t do, as oppose to people acquiring the Hair Stranding System through InvisaBlend—the individual’s hair and scalp are left completely healthy with no restrictions whatsoever!

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Written by: Dino Dondiego,

Hairdresser, Hair loss Expert,

Micro Strand inventor and Hair Stranding and InvisaBlend founder.