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Looking good/presentable physically is important to almost all people. We achieve this through wearing a decent and presentable outfits, of course. But your hair plays a big role in achieving to look good and feel good. No wonder why it’s place above your head. It serves as the “crowning glory”, especially to women. Most of us have had moments where we liked or loved the way we looked—and since your hair stairs you right in the face it is a major part of your appearance—so this becomes a critical part of your emotions—and then your emotions is what restricts or opens your view to life itself.

If we once had a head of hair we loved or now wish we had a head of hair we once had or if we always wish we had a certain head of hair like other certain people—this desire never really goes way, staying imbedded into our minds always coming back in our minds, and in some cases never really leaving our minds.

The evolution of our appearance becomes a slow restriction in our lives simultaneously.  As our hair becomes thinner as we age, and or even pre-mature thinning, the styling ability becomes more restricted.  As we become more restricted in the styling ability of our hair we become more uncomfortable in more situations—so the restriction of styling causes a life restriction.  We then do less and less in our lives while our confidence reduces—sometime consciously and sometimes unconsciously.                                                                                                                                                            

Conversely, if you were to get your hair back the way it once was and or to the degree that you always wanted—your self-concept would open-up therefore causing you to enjoy life in a much better way.   When you are happy with your appearance you automatically become happier with your life.  This is because we are emotional human beings.  Our emotions plan a large part of our lives—the way we look into the way we feel—into the why we do things and what we achieve.  We perform better and grow faster when we are conformable with our appearance.  This is a fact of science—so it is wrong to think being vain if not good.  In fact—being conscious of the fact that your appearance plays a major role in your self-confidence and your preference is intellectually correct.  We are all the same in this way so we all need to understand this and go with it—to improve our lives through our appearances.

Delaying to take action is just an improper rationalization—which is simple a false reason to put off what you really need as a human being.  Rationalization make us feel as if we really have good reason to delay or even not ever taking action—this is bad and just creates lowering your self-confidence.  So remember renationalization simple depletes your self-confidence and therefore depletes your life simultaneously.  

Then there are some of us that have taken action by following through on one of the many hair addition procedures (hair extensions, hair replacement methods, hair pieces or even wigs) and yet are still not happy due to still having restrictions with their hair.  Unfortunately, all method of adding additional hair do not give an individual full flexibility.  Plus, the even worse part of what is available for adding more hair is the fact that all methods of adding hair causes additional hair lose.  This is tough to accept when going through a procedure to add more hair.  No one wants to add additional hair and then lose more of their hair in the process.  This would be like having a delicious meal and then being sick afterwards—it just doesn’t make sense.                                                                                                                                                

Nevertheless, some people will follow through with one of these procedures and make the best of these and others after trying one of these revert back the way they were never to do this again, and yet others will never take this step to improving themselves due to knowing they will lose more of their hair to add more hair.  

We should do something about our appearance yet there are still restrictions with any of the procedures available plus the downfall of losing more hair in the process.  What a predicament!  This causes a large percentage of people in the world still not be fulfilled and others to not do something about their appearance.

So, with this said above—there is a void in our world in reference to improving our appearance, our emotions, our self-confidence and our achievement.

Fortunately there is a new concept that has been developed that will fill this void—a procedure that will enable individuals to have full flexibility with their hair and more importantly adding hair while leaving the individual’s hair safe and healthy, and in some cases even encouraging an individual’s hair to grow too.  If this is true this can open-up a much broader range of individuals to improving their appearances.  Both from people that will not make the move to improving their appearances -to- people that have some sort of hair addition what are not fully satisfied. 

But people need not only to know that there is something available of this magnitude but also need actual proof before making the step.  This unique method called Hair Stranding, created by a hair expert, Dino Dondiego is making this available to the masses.  But the question is HOW?

Dino Dondiego the founder of InvisaBlend Hair Studio and the inventor of Hair Stranding is licensing and certifying this procedure to qualified professionals internationally.  But more importantly Dino is making it mandatory for each Hair Stranding Licensee to all offer “Free Trials” of this procedure.  A Free Trial is a sampling of this Hair Stranding procedure.  So individuals can go to a certified professional of Hair Stranding and receive a Free Trial of which means having hair blended in-between their hair so each individual can see, feel and experience this Hair Stranding concept first hand and privately, and with no commitment whatsoever.  The ability to experience this procedure first is key to making this procedure available to the mass public in need of improving their hair.   In fact, Dondiego has created the following Mission Statement for all Hair Stranding Licensees feel and follow:

“A Free Trial experience of Hair Stranding for every person in the world that is dissatisfied with their hair”.

What a huge, overwhelming vision—yet how précised, measurable, and pointed this is.  Every professional that becomes Certified and Licensed to offer Hair Stranding will not only know this mission statement by heart but will also understand, feel and have passion for its purpose.  The purpose being—to help and upgrades the lives of people in need.  Internationally, all professional offering Hair Stranding to educate their public of this highly advanced procedure—to spread the good word of a concept of which will change lives, and then to offer “Free Trials” to all in people in need—so the people can experience Hair Stranding privately and first hand.  It’s the experience of Hair Stranding without any commitment that will enlighten the lives of individuals to then take action to upgrading their                            self-concept of which will upgrade individual’s lives.   

Dondiego believes that the public at large will also spread the good works about these Free Trials too.   We all need to help each other to grow—this will create a movement throughout the public and professionals internationally.

Any of the Hair Stranding videos will notify and educate the public and professionals of this revolutionary concept of which people need to know about.  So, look at this video and then send this video to all individuals you know and all professional you know so we can help the masses of people in need.  And let’s have empathy and enthusiasm for the mission of this procedure called Hair Stranding – “A Free Trial experience of Hair Stranding for every person in the world that is dissatisfied with their hair”.

Get to know more about this movement through this video .


Professionals that connect helping people in need through this advanced technology and individuals in need can contact the Invisablend headquarters and speak to hair expert – 800-992-9976.

The founder of InvisaBlend Hair Studios and inventor of Hair Stranding Dino Dondiego welcomes your comments — Dino@InvisaBlend.com