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A NEW DISCOVERY that is the first “CURE-ALL”

People are losing hair from adding hair!!!  With all the technology that has been developed up to date for helping slowdown and or growing hair—it is believed that the public is losing more hair instead of slowing down and or gaining hair. In our world, the public that is in need of more hair is heading in the wrong direction.  97% of salons worldwide have gotten into all different types of hair extensions to help people with their thinning hair and also for adding more volume.  Plus, more hair replacement studios have also saturated the industry offering hair replacement methods to help the public also.

 Most of these salons and hair replacement companies (known mostly as Hair Studios) are really doing their best to help the public in need of more hair, and they are helping the people in doing so by either replacing and or adding additional hair which in return helps people’s lives.  In all due respect of these businesses and professional helping so many people there is a negative side to this which has become extremely difficult for our hair professionals to get around—that being the ability to keep their client own hair health while adding hair.

So, the problem solvers in our hair industry have good intensions, and are being a great help—but these solutions are actually causing additional hair loss in the process—THEREFORE WE ARE LOSING HAIR BY ADDING HAIR.  The fact is that—all method of adding hair either cause additional hair loss, and some method have to remove hair to add hair.  This is no surprise to most of the public in need of hair and or presently wearing additional hair.  We have no choice—it’s part of the tradeoff of looking and feeling good, until now!

There is now a MAJOR breakthrough in the hair industry that is not that known, or not known enough at this time that seems to be too good to be true.  Something called a Micro Strand has been invented.  This is a filament—literally as fine in diameter as one fine human hair.                       This breakthrough filament looks and feels just like a very fine single human hair—but with three distinct differences:

·         This filament is ten to fifteen times stronger than the average human hair.

·         Translucent – this Micro Strand as fine as it is—is translucent, so you can see directly through the actual filament itself.

·         Its waterproof, so water doesn’t absorb into this unique filament as it would a human hair.

This remarkable filament called a Micro Strand is not used as a substitute to human hair—but an aid to adding hair in a way that keeps the existing hair healthy.  This being the so-called missing link to the problem in the world of adding additional hair.

The finest quality human hair—one individual human hair at a time is locked into these Micro Strands using a microscopic tip instrument. 


The purpose and benefit of feeding ONE human hair at a time into these Micro Strands is to duplicate the same exact way hair grow out of the human head.  Therefore, since our hairs on our heads come out of the scalp one hair at a time—to duplicate or emulate this appearance—one human hair at a time needed to be added onto these Micro Strands.

After many single human hairs’ have been completely added into these Micro Strands, it then then appears as if there are SINGLE HUMAN HAIRS—SPREAD APART FROM EACH OTHER—JUST FLOATING IN THE HAIR. 

These Micro Strands—with the single human hairs attached—are customized with specific percentages of hair in each given area needing certain percentages of hair.  Pre-custom diagramed and designed for each individual person—according to their exact hair volume needed or desired—so the individual doesn’t have to sit through adding ONE human hair at a time.  This procedure is so extremely intricate—it takes 8 to 10 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week for 7 to 8 weeks to complete each person’s design.  This is the reason why it is pre-designed so the individual doesn’t, or really couldn’t sit through such a process. 

These pre-designed customized Micro Strand is then blended in-between the individual’s hairs to thicken and or length the hair.  Since the Micro Strands are translucent—upon contact of the scalp they disappear—therefore you then only see—single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of the scalp.

These Micro Strand are designed to fill-in areas that need more hair volume. The picture on the left is a bird’s eye view of the top of the scalp with the finished Micro Strands blended in-between this person’s hair.  Notice you only see hair and nothing else.                                     

The picture on the right show the front hair line of a completely bald area of which has been filled in using these Micro Strands. 

A CURE-ALL Discover:

In reference to the two completely different scenarios above—these Micro Strands can be adjusted to fill-in any degree of thinness, even completely bald areas, plus even creating any degree of lengthening hair too.  Therefore, this concept has become the first and only “Cure-all”, meaning this technology can adjusted to ANY hair situation in existence.  

These Micro Strands are independent—meaning even if you cut these Micro Strands they automatically lock without any sort of unraveling. 

The healthy breakthrough—because these Micro Strands are as fine as hairs, water proof and spread apart, as seen above in the picture—the individual’s own hair is fully utilized and free to grow.  In fact, the entire scalp is fully accessible too.  This accessibility not only enables the scalp to breathe but also enables the individual and the professional hair designer to apply hair preventive and or hair growing methods or treatments.  So, for the first time ever people can fill-in the hair volume and or length they need and or desire while keeping their own hair healthy and or stimulating their hair growth—all simultaneously! 

Due to the extreme durability of these Micro Strands this method, called InvisaBlend last three to four YEAR.  This is about ten times longer than the average hair extension, making this InvisaBlend method economical.  

The person who invented the Micro Strands and created it into the InvisaBlend method has decided to share this breakthrough technology with the professional industry internationally for to purpose of making this available worldwide for the people.  Dino Dondiego, the creator has automated a full training program of which is accessible internationally for any professional, salon, hair studio and or other cosmetic companies to become certified to offer this advanced technology to the public at large.  This MUST be available to everyone in need, worldwide—say Dondiego.

The headquarters’ office to inquire about this method, whether end users in need and or professionals to become certified is in Englewood New Jersey.  The website is www.InvisaBlend.com and the contact email is info@InvisaBlend.com