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Hair loss has unfortunately grown to still be an ongoing problem for men and for women. There are a lot of so called hair loss solutions and or hair loss treatments to fix this problem up to this day.  A lot of options to take, and a lot of uncertainties as well. Our hair is a major assets to us due to fact this it is what structures our look and personality.  

The demand of cosmetic treatment continues to develop, but do not be fooled by some marketer’s presentation of certain products/services/treatments in the cosmetic industry or hair industry in particular. With the presence of technology, multiple unconventional hair loss treatments are making a name in the hair industry. However, there are a lot of treatments that promise much, but don’t deliver as we expect them to.

Below, are some advantages and disadvantages for women as well as for men:

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Hair transplant

Hair Transplants are surgical procedure.  Hair is surgically removed from the back area of the head, called the donor area, and then transplanted to the thinning or bald area in the front and or the top areas.  The hair that is removed from the donor areas, in the back areas of the head does not grow back so the doctor must be précised not to take too much hair from this donor area otherwise this can cause an additional balding problem then in the back area also.

The transplanted hair (meaning the new hairs being put into the balding areas) produces a very natural look, which is very good, although the one main problem is “mathematical”.  In the very beginning stages of hair loss the areas of hair loss are minimal—so during these beginning stages of hair loss there is enough hair to take from the donor area to transplant into the needed area.  But as you continue to thin, meaning your thinning and or balding area gets larger you then run out of donor area.  This commonly causes an “Island Appearance” showing a specific area where the hair transplanted hairs have been planted along with a balding area from future thinning “around” the hair transplanted area—this then causes a “Island of Hair” (Hair in one area with no hair around the perimeter of this area).

Hair Stranding is known to be the first and only Hair Transplant Enhancer—meaning when there isn’t enough donor hair to transplant in the needed balding areas then Hair Stranding is the only option that will add hair in-between the transplanted hairs and also around all other areas of which the transplanted couldn’t fill-in—therefore completing a balanced distribution of hair—through the Hair Stranding procedure.


Minoxidil – Marketed mostly as Rogaine

The treatment has been approved by the FDA for hair loss. Doctors often recommend this to women and men or this can be purchased over the counter now. This helps slows down hair loss and enables hair regrowth. However this doesn’t work for everyone, considering its side effects like skin irritation. In fact, according to medical studies, Minoxidil (and Rogaine) may only work for about 38.3 per cent of patients as it requires one to have an active enzyme called “sulfortransferase” to make their hair follicles responsive to Minoxidil (the main drug within Rogaine).  But most important—when this grows hair it then only grows very fine and short hairs and then stops.  Plus you must apply daily or all of your hair will revert back to its original thinness and or baldness.

Hair Stranding is the only method of which you can added any degree or percentage of hair plus still apply Minoxidil/Rogaine while having Hair Stranding to try to grow or slow down the fallout.  Any other method of adding hair will not allow you to apply any hair growing treatments while wearing any such hair addition.  In fact, it is a known fact that ALL hair additions cause additional hair lose, but Hair Stranding is the only hair addition method that leaves your hair along and allow you hair to grow freely.

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Hair Lasers for thinning hair

Hair lasers now come in a hair laser brushes and helmets.  These hair growth lasers do sometimes grow hair at the same level as all other hair growth formulas—meaning most of the time they do not grow hair but when they do grow hair only short thin hairs grow and then stop.   Again, Hair Standing is the only method that enables you to add hair anywhere on your hair needed or desired plus you can also use any hair laser to stimulate your own hair growth simultaneously.  So, people are not enjoying getting the head of hair they really want from Hair Standing and then if desired still try to grow their own hair all at the same time.

Some more details about what is now called “The Revolutionary Hair Stranding”

What seems to stand out mostly is that Hair Stranding is the only method of adding hair that keeps your own hair healthy.  All other methods in the entire works cause additional hair by adding hair—therefore making Hair Stranding revolutionary!  All your existing hair is left along, full 100% access to our entire scalp and hair, so this creates an ultimate natural feeling and appearance.

For the first time, anyone can add hair no matter what your hair situation is—therefore Hair Standing is now known as the only “Cure-all”, meaning the only method to add hair no matter what hair situation or problem you or any one may have.

Hair Stranding is also known as a “Hair Enhancement” instead of a hair replacement or a hair extension.  The reason—hair is added in-between your existing hair therefore utilizing all of your existing hair—this then enhances your exiting hair instead of replacing or extending your hair.  An enhancement is an easier approach for anyone—similar to applying make-up is an enhancement to your existing features.

Breakthrough inventions – the key component of which makes Hair Stranding revolutionary is something called the “Micro Stands”, these are unique filaments as fine, soft and flexible as one single fine human hair, plus the filament itself is translucent (meaning you can see directly through the filament itself), plus this filament is ten times stronger then hair.  Then using a microscopic tip instrument—ONE human hair at time is fed onto these Micro Strands.  These finished Micro Strands are then blended in-between any thinning area or balding areas—upon contact of the scalp these Micro Strands disappear therefore only enabling anyone to see single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of the scalp—a truly and purely natural appearance of which enables anyone to do anything with their newly added hair. People have commented that they no longer think about their hair anymore because no matter what they do and or how they style their hair or even if their hair gets all messy—their hair always looks and feel 100% natural.

Due to this Hair Stranding being a major breakthrough technology—the inventor and founder Hair Stranding, Dino Dondiego, and also founder of a company InvisaBlend who first offered Hair Stranding—is now offering Hair Stranding Licenses to salons, hair studios, hair companies of sorts and professionals hairdressers.  Hair Stranding is now offered internationally to help changes people lives throughout the world!

Additional information can be provided by contacting Dino Dondiego at Dino@InvisaBlend.com