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In this modern world where salons are sprouting like mushrooms almost everywhere, a celebrity hair can be achievable already in so many ways.

Using hair extension is a method/solution that is most likely to be everyone’s remedy in achieving the perfect long locks. But don’t you know that using hair extensions won’t give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for? Yes, you read that right! In fact, some people now are not easily convinced in using hair extensions due to some facts that:

1.       The extension itself is obviously seen and therefore, it is easily identified from your own hair.

2.       Having fact no. 1 leads to fact no. 2 that your actions as far as your hair is concerned are limited only since you tend to worry about it being seen.

3.       It lasts up to 3 months only.

All these disadvantages lead you to know about the newest approach in fighting against hair loss other than hair extensions. The Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is the one you should try. You may be wondering what is and how Hair Stranding works and how it can benefit your hair more than any hair extensions can do.

Hair Stranding comes from the word Micro Strand which is a new method to add hair in a way that it won’t appear obviously that it was just and additional hair, rather it would appear just like your own natural hair.

Look at this picture—this is the remarkable component, a unique invention called the Micro Strand that makes this all possible.  This first pictures shows the Micro Strand before any hair has been added.  This is what actually will be blended in-between your hair and onto your scalp.  So, if this is blended between your hair and onto your scalp—in your opinion would you be able to see anything???  Or…would you be able to see anything???

Next, using a microscopic tip apparatuses ONE human hair at a time is fed onto these invisible Micro Strands

the picture. This actually duplicates the SAME way real hair grows out of the human scalp. One hair at a time!

Now—this is the finished product after single individual human hairs have been fed onto multiple Micro Strands. One human hair at a time added onto these Micro Strands—spread apart from each other—the same exact way hair grows out of the scalp.

Notice it appears as if there is just individual real hairs just coming out of nowhere!  Look closely—do you see any Micro Strands at all???  When single human hairs are fed onto these invisible Micro Strands you then no longer see any Micro Strands—you then ONLY see hair.  So just imagine—when these finished Micro Strands are blended in-between your hair—you will see and feel nothing but more hair volume. 

These photos are enough reasons for you to not entrust your hair to any hair extensions in the world. You better have yourself scheduled a free trial run on Hair Stranding now! Visit InvisaBlend centers today and see best results that will surely leave you in awe! Cheers to more great hair days!