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The duplication of hair growth has been discovered.

A Micro Strand has now been created. Single human hairs are fed onto these Micro Strands and then blended into your hair, duplicating real hair growth. An extremely different approach has been created to increase hair volume that has never been thought of, nevertheless offered. A Micro Diameter hair strand has been created that is finer than one human hair. Even More amazing, this Micro Strand is translucent, and therefore disappears upon contact of any human scalp. Such a creation leaves your entire scalp fully accessible, with no ability to see or feel anything. This Micro Strand is 10 times stronger than human hair.


Multiple Micro Stands are networked together with different millimeter openings according each individual’s hair situation and each individual’s scalp. All depending on the amount of thinness and volume desired.

Now it’s time to duplicate real hair growth.


Using this highly advanced, microscopic, tip apparatus, one human hair is fed at a time onto these micro strands. Painstakingly one human hair at a time. This duplicates real hair growth.


Now the finished micro strands are blended in between your existing hairs, all while utilizing 100% of your hairs, and all while leaving 100% of your hairs alone.


Due to the micro strand being a single hair blending process, a perfect balance blend has occurred between your hairs, and the added hairs.


Since all of your hairs are left alone and you have full access to your entire scalp, your own hairs can breath and grow freely. You even have the ability to apply any treatments to your hair or scalp to improve the quality of your hair and treatments to stimulate additional hair growth too.


Nothing has ever existed that offers such healthy and natural results. The Hair Stranding concept is in fact the first and only simple hair enhancement approach.


There you have it, the most advanced results ever produced. Respecting your own hair and scalp fully. A simple step for any individual, you’ll see and feel virtually nothing. Plus this concept will enhance your hair in such a subtle way, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to notice anything different about you.


This Hair Stranding concept is so highly advanced and helpful, people from all over the united states, and world, have requested this concept. So to help all people in need, we are certifying qualified professionals and hair studios to offer this Hair Stranding concept to make it available for everyone in need. Contact us whether you are a person in need of fuller hair, or a professional wanting to help people in need.