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Hair loss can happen to anyone and is very common nowadays. Whether to women or to men, to adults or to children, or to people of long or short hair. There are many causes of hair loss and all or any hair loss solutions react differently in each individual in reference to growing hair back.  No matter what solution, hair loss products or hair loss treatments of any sort there are only three categories of results that will occur:

1-    No Hair Grows Back at all from the hair loss treatment.

2-    No Hair Grows Back But Hair Loss Slows Down from any such hair loss treatment but doesn’t prevent additional hair loss, meaning just slows down the future hair loss and this is also provided that any such hair loss treatment is being treated consistently. Note, any hair loss treatment of which has some sort of positive effect will either immediately stop such positive effects or revert the hair loss back to where it last left off.  

3-    Hair Grows Back but when a hair loss treatment of any sort does grow hair back it then only grow just a small amount of hair back and the hairs that do grow back only grow up to short fuzzy hairs and not to your regular hair length.  Plus such growing results never grow anywhere near a full head of hair.   When this level of hair grow occurs (meaning fuzzy hairs) it then also slows down the hair loss but doesn’t stop the hair loss—therefore the hair loss cycle still progresses but just at a slower pace.

There are two categories of hair loss solutions or hair loss treatments:

1-    Natural Hair Loss Solution or called a natural hair loss treatment – these are hair loss treatment of which do not have any drugs (non-natural ingredients) or sort of medications. One example is a home applied hair loss treatment called Revivogen. This topical hair loss treatment has all natural ingredients and this is one of a few examples of a Natural Hair Loss or hair regrowth treatment.

2-    Unnatural Hair Loss Treatment or hair regrowth treatment means drug ingredients are used which are unnatural ingredients used within the hair loss treatment. These types of hair loss treatments most commonly cause side effects.  One of many examples of an unnatural hair loss treatment is Rogaine.

It is very important to understand what any hair loss treatment or hair re-growing treatment can and cannot do.  By knowing the real details this enables you to evaluate if you want to pursue any hair loss treatments.  This also assists you in evaluating if you should approach a method of adding additional hair.

When approaching the options of adding hair you must be very careful not to add hair, meaning any sort of Hair Extension, invisible hair extension (which are not invisible) or Hair Weave or Hair System or Hair Replacement of any sort, or a wig, or even any sort of surgical hair transplant of which will cause additional hair loss from performing any sort of hair additions.

Note – it is too common and very well-known that all methods of adding additional hair cause additional hair loss. Normally this is a trade-off you have to accept when adding additional hair—except for one new revolutionary method of adding hair called Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend that is becoming more popular worldwide due to it being the only method of adding hair that keeps your own hair healthy in the process.  Detailed information about this revolutionary breakthrough is shown within this website – www.InvisaBlend.com

In this video a top leading hair expert, Dino Dondiego explains and details three of the most natural tips for adding hair.  One is through adding one hair at a time. Another is to utilize your own hair. He discusses how it is better to add hair in-between your hair instead of removing or covering any hair.  In addition, Dino explains the process of how to duplicate the same way your hair grows out of a real growing natural hairline.

Plus he explains the natural fall-out and re-growth cycle of which creates different hair lengths throughout your hair and even more noticeable throughout all front hairlines. That is why one ingredient of adding a hair of which needs to be duplicated is to add one hair at a time in different hair lengths. It is also good to put in different hair colors shadings also so the natural appearance is duplicated. These are just some of the tips Dino provides within this video.

This video will detail other key tips about what you need to understand first as you undergo certain steps to make your hair look and feel better. Watch this video for expert advice! 

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What are the Three Most Natural Tips for Adding Hair – Limitless Hair Expert

Subscribe- http://bit.ly/2ss4EJC . Free Trial Hair Stranding : http://bit.ly/2fLxXnA . What is a PERFECT HAIR Replacement/Restoration ? How to get most Natural results from any hair addition approach. In this latest Limitless Hair Expert Video, Here in this video 3 Principles which should be followed to get most NATURAL & Best results from any HAIR ADDITION Treatments.

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