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In this latest Limitless Hair Expert Video, Hair Expert Dino has explained how to get rid of Hair color smell using home remedies. Dino has also explained in detail simple tricks and tips to ensure your hair color is safe & gives you the best results with simple tips.

Hello. My name is Dino. And welcome to another video of the Limitless Hair Expert. And for those who just have joined us Limitless Hair Expert is a combination of hair expert advice for your hair, for any method of adding hair. In conjunction with expert advice about self-growth. That’s why it’s called the Limitless Hair Expert.

Today’s video is about “How to Condition your Hair while Coloring your Hair”. Now, some basics I want to go through with you and that is, there’s two categories of color, there’s box color, box color is hair color you buy from the supermarket or the inexpensive store that you apply yourself and there’s professional color.

Now I want you first to know they’re completely different, when you buy a color from a supermarket or a store the colors are purposely made inexpensive and by doing that, what they’re doing is putting less good ingredients in it, okay. So you’re going to notice with the box color’s called a box color that when you mix it, it’s strong okay, the smell is really strong.

Now conversely there’s color, professional color that you get from a salon. Now in most cases not all, but in most cases those hair colors are much milder, they use better ingredients. So I want to give you an example, an example in my hair studio we use Paul Mitchell the reason why I use Paul Mitchell is because all of their products, they put the best ingredients in it.

And when it comes to hair color, their hair color they use the very best conditioners and ingredients in it and the hair colors have less ammonia in it and they don’t smell as much. So here’s something you should watch or be careful of. When you’re mixing a hair color, whether you get it from supermarket or a store or whether you get it professionally smell it a little bit, if it’s really strong and it’s making you squint like this, it means it’s really harsh or if they apply it or you apply it and you’re squinting and you’re going like this because the smells bothering your eyes it means it’s harsh.

Conversely, if you put a color on and it’s not smelling or giving you that stinging miss in your eyes it means it’s less harsh. Now, I want you to know something, you can dilute colors alright, hair colors come in different volume peroxides and you can lower the volume peroxide and still get results, sometimes you have to hire it to get certain results in certain situations but sometimes you can lower it to make it less strong on your hair, okay.

Now something else, if a hair color is stinging you and it’s bothering your scalp there’s a little trick whether you do this at home or whether you have it done professionally, get sweet and low believe or not sounds strange but get sweet and low liquid preferably and you put a little bit of sweet and low in the color\, one capful alright, sounds strange and of course don’t drink it or anything it’s not sweet but what it does it kills the strength of the stinginess on the hair and does not make the color react any different, okay.

Whatsoever, it won’t make it react different, it won’t make the color not take as well, but it will take the sting away so remember that trick sweet and low. Now, here’s another thing that you should do whenever you’re putting hair color on whether you’re doing it at home or whether you’re having professionally you should miss your hair with water all right. Now, these things that might be a little strange with some professional hairdressers if it is blaming on Dino.

So I watched this guy the Limitless Hair Expert he said it take the weight off yourself blame it on Dino if you want, okay. So what you do take a miss bottle, this is a bottle just filled with water and you miss your hair with it when you missed your hair what you’re doing is you’re dampening the hair and you’re making the brush or comb of the color go through it easy with less pulling. When you put color directly on dry hair it’s a polling effect, when they’re combing it through because it’s sort of pasty.

You can soften that by slightly dampening the hair before you put the color on. Now this is something that most hairdressers don’t do because they go you know I supposed to put color on when hair’s wet, you can it weakens the color but in such a minute way it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t take any less but it will be more helpful and more conditioning.

So I want you to do is miss your hair, make it slightly damp put a wide tooth comb through it then I want you to take a moisturizing conditioner, put a moisturizing conditioner and run it through your hands missed it again with water run a wide tooth comb through your hair. And now your hair has a little layer of moisturizing conditioner.

Now put the color on, don’t worry it’s not going to dead in the color, it does so minutely you have no effect, okay. But now your hair is moist the color can run through easier with less pressure on the hair it’s better for the hair and now the hair has moisturizer conditioning on it, so now the color opens up the cuticle of the hair but there’s conditioning in there. So it’s going to condition the hair while it’s coloring all right.

Now when you remove the color you should always condition your hair and the longer you leave conditioner on the better, okay. So please remember these techniques, these are really important for conditioning your hair while you’re coloring your hair. Now the quote for today is. Think of others from greatness and you’ll think of yourself as greatness. So think about that when you think of the greatness of others you’ll simultaneously start thinking of the greatness of yourself alright.

What you think outward comes back inward okay. Now next, our next video is “How to Get the Best Results from Conditioning”. So please watch our next video, it’ll be very interesting. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you.

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