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Menopause is a part of female biology and it is inevitable for all women. During menopause, changes in the body occur like hot flashes, change in or the loss of menstruation, increase or decrease in appetite, and, unfortunately, even hair loss or thinning hair. While you may be thinking to yourself, “duh…I know this already” – we know, too! Of course, women are no strangers to menopause – the dreaded process that happens “later on in life” – but do not worry! Invisablend is here to support you during this time (or even as you prepare to experience it in the next few years).

With all the things women worry about on a daily basis, hair loss is often the last thing women think about until it starts happening to them – and by that time your hair has already likely changed in appearance noticeably. The important things to note are 1) it is not your fault if it is happening as a result of menopause, 2) hair loss during this time will usually not fix itself, so being proactive as soon as you notice it will help in the long run, 3) it is never too late to do something about it.

Research shows that menopause causes hair loss because of those changes in hormones. When women experience hair loss, it often looks differently than in men. We think of hair loss in men as bald spots at the front or crown of the head. However, women will experience more thinning of the hair over time that may eventually cause bald spots but will take longer to do so. Instead, the hair will first start to thin out on the top and front of the head, causing a reduction in overall volume due to a slowdown in hair growth. Hair loss may also present in the form of large clumps falling out during showering or brushing. Whether your hair is thinning, falling out, or balding (or all three), we know changes in hair can cause self-consciousness and anxiety.

Before you freak out, breathe! That is why we have created the Micro Strand® method – the all-natural solution to the all-natural process of menopause! By taking your own hair and using it to add volume, you will not have to worry about losing additional hair as your body works through its biological process. Your body is working hard enough to keep up with the changes as it is, so take some pressure off yourself and let Invisablend do the work on your hair for you. So, if menopause is the current enemy to your hair, you have found a friend in us. Trust us when we say we have the safe solution to your hair problems.

No need to stress or be embarrassed – try a demo video and book a consultation today! You will have a fuller, more voluminous look back sooner than you know it. Let Invisablend help you re-discover that confident, gorgeous glow you know is inside you. Menopause may be getting you down, but Invisablend is here to pick you up.