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Pregnancy is one of the most memorable times in a women’s life. While that sweet little bundle of joy means everything to you, it is also true that losing your hair is a real thing after pregnancy and can add to self-consciousness or poor self-image. It is also completely okay to be in love with your newborn and still worry about hair loss post-pregnancy. Hair loss or thinning is natural, but the more hair that goes, the less it will be replaced and even less that your hair will return to its pre-baby status. The biggest contributing factor to this hair loss is the change in hormones after giving birth. Some women never get their full looking hair back after pregnancy, but that’s only true for women who haven’t discovered Invisablend.

During pregnancy, hair loss will happen more as a result of a deficiency in nutrients in the body. If you notice that your hair is falling out in clumps or that it looks thinner while you are pregnant, then talk to your doctor about how to resolve those deficiencies (or what might be causing a lack of nutrients in your diet). Since your hormones typically increase during pregnancy, it is actually less common to see hair loss during this time. Hair loss after pregnancy is the main concern since post-partum hair loss typically occurs three to four months after giving birth when those hormone levels are decreasing/changing. For many women, hair will re-grow or stabilize as the hair follicles rejuvenate and the hormone levels reset. Think of the birthing process like a pattern: pregnancy equals an increase in hormones, and post-pregnancy equals a decrease in hormones – the body has to figure out how to regulate throughout that ebb and flow. While the process is 100% natural, it will look different for every woman. For some women who give birth, once the hair thins, begins to bald, or falls out, it likely will not grow back or thicken on its own.

If you are thinking, “well yeah, that is me. Of course, I am the one woman who lost her hair post-partum and never got it back,” just remember that you are not actually the only one! While the chances are small that your post-partum hair loss will be permanent, there are many women who experience long-term post-partum hair loss or thinning. So, that is where we come in! Invisablend is the all-natural solution for you!

We use your own hairs to create a natural look – others won’t even be able to tell you are having work done because our Micro Strand® Invention looks and feels like your own hair and scalp. How could it get any better? You are already taking care of a new life, so let us take care of you – we do the work, so you do not have to. While it may be true that some women never get their hair back after pregnancy, that “some woman” does not have to be you. Try a demo today and get yourself a lifetime of hair!