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If you haven’t heard by now, COVID-19 is still here and unfortunately here to stay. As with every virus, the hope is that it will eventually become an endemic instead of pandemic – think cold and flu season, but now COVID season, too. While we can all agree we would wipe the pandemic away in the snap of a finger if we could, we have to recognize the lingering effects of trauma the pandemic has both collectively and individually impacted us with. Stress, especially in prolonged periods of time (hello 2-year pandemic anniversary), can negatively impact your health from weight management issues to internal health problems (like high blood pressure and trouble sleeping) to – yep – even hair loss/thinning. So, let’s talk about it. Do not worry, if you find this applies to you, we will also help find the Invisablend solution for you – the ONLY solution for you. Why Invisablend? Because it is the only proven SAFE method for fuller hair. Where other companies promise hair growth and do it successfully, we are the only company to make the same promise and do it successfully but safely. Our solution is the only proven solution that will not cause further hair loss or damage like the others will.

As positivity and hospitalization rates skyrocket, the chance of becoming infected with COVID-19 for those who have not already contracted the virus also increases. As a result, the pandemic has a two-fold effect here: both stress/burnout/anxiety from the pandemic and the fact that COVID-19 itself has been linked to hair loss. So, whether you are or have been sick with COVID-19, or are worried about contracting and spreading the virus, your hair health has an increased risk of being negatively impacted by either or both events.

The good thing about COVID-19 illness related hair loss is that it is mostly temporary (3-6 months, sometimes 9 months). The reason that happens is actually more common than we think – one symptom of COVID-19 is a fever, and fevers are known to inflict temporary hair loss. When you should be concerned is if the hair does not appear to be growing back or thickening on its own after that initial time period. Let’s take a step away from the pandemic for a second and examine general hair loss to understand when to seek help, especially before it is too late! In many instances of hair loss or thinning, the more and longer it lasts, the more permanent it becomes. What causes hair loss overall?

Two important bullet points above that are relevant to the pandemic are (drum roll, please): stress and major trauma that induces stress and anxiety. While you may recover from the direct illness induced hair loss, the prolonged stress and concern from the pandemic is likely to make hair thinning or loss harder to come back from.

First, have you observed changes in your hair? Think thinning, hair falling out, balding in patches or spots, or a decrease in volume of hair. Maybe a combination of all of these? Sometimes it can be awkward to talk about or uncomfortable to acknowledge, but if you are experiencing hair loss and/or thinning, do not be ashamed. It is completely normal – in fact, many Americans are experiencing some hair loss and thinning as a direct result of the pandemic. There are silver linings to the pandemic and this hair loss issue, though, starting with a focus on natural, healthy solutions, which is where Invisablend comes in to make the big difference.

If you have noticed changes in your hair over the last two years that you do not like, but want an effective and safe method to improve your hair health, try our Micro Strand® strategy. By using the hair already on your head, no matter what has changed about it, our method can build upon and sustain a healthier hair future for your scalp filled with fullness and volume. In fact, we are SO confident in our product working for you that we will offer a free trial, commitment-free to you. The pandemic may still be dragging on, but poor hair health does not have to! Our competitors may promise solutions, but our method is the only way for safer, fuller hair.

By booking a private demo with us today, you will receive a customized Micro Strand® package unique to your hair health needs. COVID-19 began two years ago and took many things away from all of us. If it started taking your hair health in addition to all else, let’s work together to get it back. No hair loss problem is too big or small for us, so what are you waiting for? Book your demo today for Fuller Hair – the SAFE way!