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Hair loss is considered a taboo topic. We all know the jokes about balding and losing hair as we age, but the truth is that hair loss and thinning is very common. In fact, hereditary hair loss is one of the most common reasons that people lose hair, so when you compare yourself to your parents, aunts, or uncles in 10 to 20 years, your predictions are not exactly far off. The sooner you do something about your hair loss when you notice it, the better the results will be for your hair health because when genetics interfere with hair production in the body, it will likely be permanent. That means your hair will not regenerate or thicken itself. While that is a bummer, it’s not all about your genes. Genetics play a role, but Invisablend can help. Your hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent with us, AND we are the ONLY proven solution to help your hair SAFELY! It may be easy to turn to pills or other procedures, but those processes will actually cause more damage than be helpful. Invisablend prides itself on helping your hair health in a safe manner for long-term success.

Just like genetics between males and females is different, so is hair loss. Men are more likely to experience hair loss and thinning in their 20’s-40’s, and women often lose hair through hormonal changes (like menopause and pregnancy). Stress levels are also a compounding factor when it comes to hair loss. But why does all this matter? Because your body’s biological response to internal and external factors are related to your genetic makeup, especially in men. You are not in control of what has already made you who you are, but you are in control of how your hair and overall health can be impacted.

Hair loss and thinning stereotypically is known as noticeable bald spots on the top or back of the head. Did you know that hair loss can also look like large clumps falling out while taking a shower or brushing your hair? Overall thinning/flattening at the roots and top of the scalp, patchy bald spots in less noticeable areas, or even a change in your hairline – the other dreaded stereotype: receding hairline! Seriously, all of this is normal and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Did you also know there is a classified “balding gene?” Or that the genetic coding for baldness is thought to encompass multiple genes in a sequence for both men and women? While male and female balding differs, research shows balding to be associated with genes on the X chromosome, which every human inherits from their mother. Interesting, right?! Especially since genetic balding is more present in men, but women are both XX and men only have one X (XY). Read more here for science about the numbers of chromosomes, genetic coding, and balding pattern predictions for both men and women (and why they differ!). Another cool fact we will leave you with here is that a widow’s peak is a genetic indicator of susceptibility to hair loss.

Stressing about hair loss will only make your hair health worse, so do not worry and know that despite genetic hair loss being permanent, it is harmless. If you notice other health issues that coincide with hair loss, that may be indicative of more concerning health issues, so talk to your doctor if you are worried. Another important thing to note is that hair genetics are not just about the hair on your head, but also the hair all over your body, which again is natural and something to monitor.

Invisablend is here to remind you that you can improve your hair health in a SAFE, healthy, AND natural way. Genetics may be the problem, but Invisablend is the ONLY solution for your scalp hair needs! In addition to:

Invisablend has a unique Micro Strand® technology that relies on the natural hair already on your head. When you schedule a free consultation, our experts can tailor the technology to your personal needs and prevent the permanent damage that genetic hair loss causes. That is why as soon as you notice it, you should do something about it. If the above remedies do not contribute to success in thickening your hair or regenerating it, then you know you have something else going on that may need additional support. The beauty of Invisablend you ask? That our technology is not only safe and effective, but will not contribute to any more hair damage or loss! You are in safe hands with us – so book a demo today and let us transform your hair health for the better!