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What You Need to Know About Wigs?

Wigs – There are many kinds of wigs made in many different ways.  The best wigs are called “Hand Tied Wigs”.  Then to get even deeper—the very best wigs are “Single Hair, Hand Tied Wigs”.  The finer the material of the wig the better because this makes the wig lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.  In addition to this—the closer to adding one human hair at a time the finer and more natural a wig becomes.

Within the front areas of a wig a lace material is use.  These are called “Lace Wigs”.   Please note that “Lace Wigs” means that part of the wig is made from a lace.  A lace is a very fine see through materials and uses to create a natural front hairline.  But you must know that a       “Lace Wig” is used for creating a natural front hairline ONLY when a laced wig is placed onto a bald front area.  Conversely, when you add a Lace Wig or better labeled as a “Lace Front Wig” onto a front hairline this will NOT create a natural hairline when placed on top of any of your existing hair.

Most important is the fact that ALL different “types of wigs” ALL COVERS your existing hair, and any covering of your existing hair causes additional hair loss.  So, any wig whatsoever causes additional hair loss.  Plus, the security of any wig is not comforting because anyone wearing a wig of any sort must be very careful on what they do during their normal daily routine, always having to be mindful during any and all activities during the day.

 In comparison to Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend – instead of covering your hair or covering any your hair—Hair Stranding is blending additional hair in-between your existing hair.  The feeling along is a tremendous difference.  People have commented that Hair Stranding feel as there is NOTHING there at all.

Plus, with Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend… because your own hair is part of the added hair, by being blended in-between the added hair your security level is through the roof.  Meaning now you can do ANYTHING in life with full 100% security.  This will cause you to “Not Think About Your Hair” any more. Just live life forgetting about your hair because you can now do any activity whatsoever with no worry or even a thought or a concern.

Knowing these facts about Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend no person on earth that would wear any kind of wig anymore when they understand and or see the Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend in comparison.  Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is making all wigs obsolete in comparison.