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Duplicating Hair Growth

Hello Dino here and welcome to advanced benefit number 7 and that is “Duplicating hair growth” what does that mean well with hair stranding we duplicate hair growth and when that technically means is that you have to think how does hair go out of the human head and that’s what I did I studied how the hair goes out of the head all right

It grows out of the head one hair at a time correct all right so now if you want to duplicate hair you want to add hair one hair at a time that’s one step of duplicating hair growth there’s another point two what is the direction of the hairs come out of your head the hairs come out of your head actually in all different sporadic directions. So if you want to duplicate hair growth you want to add one hair at a time and you want to add hair coming in all different directions that was the purpose of taking the micro strand this year remember the micro strand is an invention of a filament is fine as one human hair as soft as one human hair that was the invention, that made it so unique but then what do I do with this filament this thread I chose to network it together forming, like a diamond web the purpose of making it like a diamond web was.

So when you add one hair to time on to this now the hairs are going in all different sporadic directions alright so the combination to duplicate natural hair growth is twofold add one hair at a time which we do and number two add one hair at a time in all different directions because that’s how it grows out of your head one hair at a time all different directions, so by putting one here at a time on the micro strand and because it’s made into sort of a diamond web the hair is going in all different directions when it blends in it technically duplicates natural hair growth hope that makes sense to you and I hope that was very helpful okay for our next video advanced benefit number eight is “Scalp down brushing” you’re going to find this very interesting see you soon.

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