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Do you know brushing & combing your hair can cause additional Hair loss in Men & Women. Many men and women fear to comb their Hair & many stop brushing their hair. But if done in the most Healthy way it promotes Hair growth and also reduces Hair loss.

How to Brush your Hair in the Most Healthy Way

Hello, Dino here. And the subject today on this Limitless Hair Expert series is called “How to Brush your Hair in the Most Healthy Way”. What I found through my experience is most people really don’t know the proper way to brush or comb their hair in a healthy way and they don’t know what brush or comb that’s most healthy for their hair. So here’s what I want to explain to you, it’s based on a principle.

Remember this, the wider the teeth of a brush or comb the less pressure on hair the more healthy to the hair, the closer the teeth the more tension on the hair, alright. So as an example this is an example of a wide tooth brush, it’s actually called a Denman D31 all right, you can always contact us on where to get these.

Notice something about this brush, the teeth are far apart, in addition to that there are no obstructions there are no balls at the end and there’s no — nothing at the root whatsoever, the teeth are far apart that makes this the best brush, the brush that has teeth that are wide apart glides through your hair with less pressure with less tension and therefore has a very less possibility of popping any of your hairs or breaking into your hairs.

Now this pertains also to a comb the wider tooth of a comb the less pressure, same principle so please remember whenever you’re brushing your hair or combing your hair always use a wide tooth comb or wide toothbrush and it doesn’t matter what length your hair is, your hair could be 18 inches long or can be short hair like mine either way you want to brush with a wide toothbrush or wide tooth comb.

Now secondly, methods of brushing your hair. Whenever you’re brushing your hair whether you’re here is a long 18 inches 15 inches whatever it is you always brush from the bottom and work your way up because it causes less pressure on hair. So what you do, let’s say you have long hair you brush from the bottom and then you slowly work your way up, if you get caught in a snag you scan the surface first and then you brush deeper and deeper until you get through the hair.

And then you work your way up higher and brush the surface then deeper and deeper and then higher surface and then brush deeper and deeper. And again if you get caught a snag you scan the surface first and then brush deeper, by doing this this will cause less tension on the hair and you won’t see those little snapped hairs. Now if you ever seen this before in order send some people some women they have the little squiggly hairs those are broken hairs due to brushing improperly.

Now also when it comes to somebody with short hair whether its shoulder length or whether it’s a guy like myself you brush the surface first and then you go deeper and then you go deeper, again with a wide tooth brush. So please remember this, if you brush properly your hair will remain in much better condition than it’s ever been in and you won’t snap or break hairs as much. So very important so please keep that in mind.

So the quote for today is, it’s what you learn after you know everything that counts a famous quote by a famous basketball coach named John Wooden and what it means is when you master something there’s always additional levels of understanding, it’s the expert that digs deeper that learns more that opens up new doorways. So please remember that and give that quote some thought.

Now stay tuned for our next video, which will be “How to Evaluate the Different Methods of Hair Addition”. See you soon.

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