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Know The Importance Of Elasticity in Hair and how anyone can easily test the elasticity of Hair. Hair Expert Dino has explained the significance of Hair Elasticity and Best Tips and Advice to Regain Lost Elasticity. Subscribe Now !!!!!

DIY Hair Elasticity Test-Simple & Effective Tips For Lost Hair Elasticity – Hair Expert Dino

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome again to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Important? Now. The elasticity of your hair is important because it gives its strength, your hair on your head stretches like a fresh elastic band, it stretches and reverts back and if you want to test the health of your hair. The best way to test the elasticity is when the hair is wet. You can test it when it’s dry but when it’s dry it has less elasticity when it’s wet it has more elasticity or more stretch ability, alright.

So when your hair is wet if you pull your hair a little bit and let it go it should spring back quick. The more you can pull it and let go the faster it springs back the more healthy your hair is, the slower it springs back the less healthy your hair, okay. So think of a fresh elastic band, you stretch it, boy, it goes right back, okay. So that’s the elasticity of your hair and it very, very important, when the elasticity is strong it could take more pressure, it could take more bushing, it could take more handling, conversely when the elasticity is weak or not so good, it breaks easier, you have to be more delicate with the hair, you have to be more careful with the hair.

So what I want you to do next when your hair is wet or wet your hair, I want you to test the elasticity of your hair maybe in spot, maybe in several spots and see how the elasticity is. The weaker the elasticity the more I want you to be careful with your hair, the way you brush it, the way you comb through it, the way you handle it, be a little bit more careful, in general you should be careful and you should brush your comb with the wide toothbrush or comb as I stated in another videos. But test your elasticity and then direct yourself to be a little bit more careful when your elasticity is less.

Now if your elasticity is weak then what you want to do is try to find a protein shampoo, a protein conditioners, protein strengthens, alright. Protein strengthens your muscles, protein strengthens your hair, so the more you can put a protein conditioner, a protein treatment on the hair you can improve the elasticity of your hair, alright. So if your elasticity is weak try to put some sort of protein conditioner or better yet protein treatment in your hair, okay.

So our quote for today is, when the big things come first, you know what you’re doing. So that’s a quote by myself, but I want to example what that means with a little bit of a metaphor, alright or story. And that is, there is the story of this professor that had this students and that we’re talking time management and how to get important things done. And what the professor did he pull out this large ways and he in gently pour this big boulders into the ways without breaking the ways.

Money fill the ways with the big rocks he said to the student is the ways filled, student yield that and says yes, he didn’t say anything, he took another bucket that had smaller rocks, pour them in gently the smaller rock trigger through the big rocks and filled the ways again, he said to the student is that ways filled, is the ways filled, they said no. Now they quote on, so then he then took another and he pour another bucket that is and now we poured sand, the sand trigger through the big rocks and the little rocks fill up the ways he said to the student, is the ways filled, they said no then took water pour the water, the water trigger through the sand, through the little rocks, the big rocks and filled up the ways.

Then he said what does this mean to the student and the student says do the small things in life and he said no. If I did this in reverse I will never get the big rocks in and what the means is do the important things the big things in life first because if you put off the big things in life the little things will caught up all your time and you’ll never get the big things done. So please remember that, it’s very, very important. And stay tune for our next video which is how do you know, how often to shampoo your hair. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you.

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