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Do you Know What Are the Best Types of Shampoos to Use

Hello Dino here and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial where we combine both top hair expert advice with personal achievement together which is very significant and today’s subject is ‘What are the best types of Shampoos to use” the reason why I am emphasizing the word types because I am not going to go over on specific shampoos to use. I want a break them down into types or categories which is very very important. So with the shampoo the first thing you you should look for is the shampoo with either Protein or Moisturizer or combination of both. Your hair needs protein, protein strengthen the hair follicle, the hair shaft. So it’s good to use a shampoo that has protein in it, because its strengthen the hair, alright.

Number two the hair is like skin it always will needs a moisturizer, some hair needs more moisturizer than others, some needs less, but never the less. Hair needs moisturizer just like your skin your hand your face , your arms, it needs moisture and sometimes in year it needs more but never the less it needs moisture. So when you are shopping for a shampoo, try to get either has moisture in it, a lot of moisture or lot of protein or combination of both, that number one you want to look for. Next you want get a clarifying shampoo, if you are not sure what a clarifying shampoo is, what it does it deeply cleanses the hair and here is why you need that. When you are using shampoos with a conditioner in it, what happens is after a while you build up, if this was a hair shaft you get a build-up on a shaft. Even if you use crawling ironing, straightening you get iron build up on your hair and the hair has be thoroughly cleansed after a certain period of time. It almost like starting of fresh thoroughly cleansed the hair shaft, so you can get fresh start, that’s what clarifying shampoos do.

Some clarifying shampoos are those stronger than other but never the less the good to use because they strip the hair of any sort of build up, any build up from a crawling ironing, build up from a shampoo, any build up from a leave up conditioner, you need to strip it clean so it get fresh. So it down to the bone clean alright. Now you should combine a protein / moisturizing shampoo with a clarifying shampoo and I want to give you an average select diet, you should really use about two weeks of a moisturing or a protein shampoo and then switch off on about a three days on a clarifying shampoo, now you can make set up you can one week or then two three days or you should do at least two weeks or maybe two or three days of clarifying shampoo, because you have moisture on the hair, protein on the hair and then cleansed that hair with a clarifying shampoo to clean it so just rock back and forth between two. You can test it you can use a good protein and a moisturizer shampoo for week and one day a clarifying shampoo and then go back to a moisturizing and protein shampoos see that what works with your hair. See how your hair performs and if you need a split in part more, may be over two weeks or may be once every two weeks to use clarifying shampoo or once every a week using clarifying shampoo, play with it but the point is you should switch of between protein / moisturizer shampoo and a clarifying shampoo Ok, so please keep that in mind.

Our quote for today is ‘Baby steps equal the best results’ here is what I mean about that, when you want to get the best results do things slow. Don’t change anything to quickly, because what happens is you all setup to change something in your life and if you change something too quick you just gonna a put back to your old way, but conversely if you change stuff very slow, so slow small increments. What happens is you begin to have a habit that’s easily implement it and change becomes more natural, alright. So please keep that in mind now for a next limitless hair expert video that will be ‘How Do You Add Hair While Keeping Your Hair Healthy’ and will see you soon, Thank you.

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Know Why Your Hair Length is NOT Growing Anymore - Hair Expert Dino


Step into the light with us to know Why does your hair stops growing in length. Know the real reason how and why your hair length gets stunted after a certain time. Know the ACTUAL REASON for STUNTED HAIR LENGTH AND HOW TO ENSURE YOU HAIR KEEPS GROWING.

Know Why Your Hair Length is NOT Growing Anymore

Hello, Dino here. And welcome to another episode of the Limitless Hair Expert, where we combine expert advice and self-improvement together. And today's subject is how and why your hair can't grow now this is important a lot of people think their hair is not growing, okay your hair is always growing alright what happens is that there's a growth cycle every individual hair on your head has a life cycle of about three years.

Now when you get older it shortens a little bit but let's take the average of about three years so you have hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head and every individual hair on your head only lives an average of about three years then a new hair is under comes underneath it and pushes the old one out that's, sort of, like a tooth like when your kids and new tooth pushes the other one out when that one pushes the other one out that one grows in, okay.

And you have many hundreds of thousands of hairs all taking their turns growing out pushing the other one out so what that means you'll never have all your hairs the same one they'll always be little different hairs all through your head because you have hairs taking turns growing out they're not going to just grow out and catch up, alright there's going to be one hair growing out that's a half inch another one's going out to six inch another, let's go about this eight inch.

So you're going to have all these different hairs alright, that's normal to happen alright, so that's if your hair is always growing all right but now what happens as you get older and depending on your genetic structure what happens is that as these hairs grow sometimes some hairs establish a new maximum length what does that mean a new maximum length means some heirs will grow out to only six inch and stop another he'll grow out to two inches stop another hair will grow out to 15 inches stop so it depends on how long your hair is if you're a lady and you got fifteen inches, you're going to start to notice  the ends are kind of thin.

And that's because all of your hairs will not keep growing some will keep growing some another 25 inch maybe alright and some hairs will go to 18 inches only and some grow only grow to 6 inches they're all establishing a new maximum length not along some will keep growing alright but some won't some will grow to a point and stop alright. And then it'll live until the new hair pushes that one out, alright.

So that kind of caused you to feel like your hair is not growing alright, it happened to me too to explain my story when I was young I had hair down to my shoulders I can't grow besides any longer it goes a little my hair, let me get straggly alright it established a new maximum length so it gets straggling when it grows over years I just trim it because I don't like to straggling this on it, alright. So that's our subject about hair growth and how and why hair grows or doesn't grow, okay.

Now, we're quote for today is the following this is very important and that is gratitude is reciprocal now I heard this from Matthew McConaughey and act the actor and I also heard this from Tony Robbins interviewing a guy named Sir John Templeton and they both made a strong comment about it, alright.

The actor made a comment that gratitude is reciprocal and I thought that was very interesting because what he said it's a scientific fact that gratitude is reciprocal and what he meant by that is that when you're grateful more things come to you because your minds more open to seeing good things and being grateful you cannot be mad at the same time you cannot be negative at the same time when you're grateful your mind sees better things and therefore better things come back to you okay and Sir John Templeton just to let you know he's a billionaire, alright or he was he's passed away, since.

Now but he's a bill he was interviewed by Tony Robbins at one time and Tony Robbins answered the question what is the secret to wealth and he says Tony you know this it's gratitude so Sir John Templeton he was somebody that was crowned in England for being very grateful for giving away and helping many people that's why his name is Sir John Templeton, alright.

So he was always very grateful for what he had no matter how little he had because he was a self-made billionaire actually so he started off with nothing but he was always grateful and to be grateful even when you have nothing but in reality we always have something to be grateful for the more you're grateful the more stuff comes to you all right so always remember that, okay.

So stay tuned for our next video which is “How your self-concept will empower your appearance”. And I'll see you soon.

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