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Limitless Hair Attraction Book - Who Is This For? Part 2


Mission, Results, Purpose and the Plan (M.R.P.P.) Will make you successful!

Very large companies and even turnaround experts make a massive improvement within in any business by injecting a very clear direction within a company, a solid certainty of what the company is doing and why, and they make sure this is a clear direction that permeates throughout the entire company. As stated earlier within this book, Mission, Results, Purpose and the Plan (M.R.P.P.)— this provides a clear moving forward direction, therefore pushing a company to grow at fast speeds whether you take on this revolutionary concept or not. Of course, taking on and following through on this revolutionary product/service with its included step-by-step automated system increases your odds dramatically to enormously fast ongoing growth. So again, if you “Connect” as stated above and you are running or you can run your company in a decisive direction than this becomes the third key.

As a professional and being in business, you also must be careful not to be reactive, or better put, too reactive. Being personally reactive or running your business in a reactive way is picking up something quickly and then dropping it. Picking up and dropping something takes up time and dilutes growth. The opposite of this is to look into something, like this revolutionary concept, and make a solid decision: Will this work for you as a professional and within your business? Can you grow massively from offering this? Can you help a lot of people by offering Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend? If you are not reactive or don’t want to be reactive and you look at the videos of this concept and feel you can help a lot of people, then this becomes the fourth key.
Capable is another ingredient, but this one is simple because this revolutionary product/service with its automated system is extremely simple, and therefore, most professionals can definitely do this easily. The fact remains, the only professionals who can’t do this and make a big hit with this are the professionals who just worry or think they are not capable.

If you want to grow and make a difference in a way that the public in your area LOVE what you are offering and providing, then this Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend concept will open up a new window of opportunities for you and your business. Remember, every individual who sees this unique concept is thrilled with it and wants it—all it needs is for you to offer this to help the public in need in your area, or any area or areas you chose.


Limitless Hair Attraction Book - Who Is This For?


“Who will make this successful?” 

And the answer to this question is the professionals who are willing to take on something new and follow through. The meaning behind following through is to follow the steps given within the video training—one of which is to educate your public by sharing the videos of this advanced technology. It’s the businesses and professionals who stay up to date and current who continually grow.

Such businesses that take on this unique concept also, of course, must to do a little homework by looking at the specific details within the videos on to see if you, as a business owner, connect with this concept. If you see a vast improvement on what this concept is in comparison to any and all other methods of adding hair, you have passed qualification #1. This is “Connecting”, and step one of “Who is this for?”


A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 4


A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 4

Hello and welcome to another 'limitless hair expert tutorial' video my name is Dino and today's subject is a ‘limitless hair story with no ending Part 4’ this is the last part of this story ok. So it's very important because it transitions from a last invention into a very advanced invention where we last left off was the amazing jump in technology where they invented hair systems, that was very big at the time when it was first invented because there were hair systems that were able to add hair and keep hair on where you swim with it and shower with it so it was a big advancement at that time but now the goes step further just, so everybody has clarity there's multiple ways of attaching hair systems and also hair extensions the hair systems in quick review were added with bonding first with braids then with bonding and the braids cause tracks action hair loss and the bonding sort of smothered the hair and they both had something in common what they did they caused additional hair loss or they caused you to remove or lose hair to add hair now I want to touch on extensions to the extensions were happening at the same time and they became very big and then they started making different ways of doing extensions alright.

So some examples they actually came up with tape on extensions this is sort of a track alright and the track had tape on it that you removed the backing of the tape and you actually taped this on in between the hair and they're still popular today alright so that was one way another common way in addition to that is this and they were bonds it's loose hair with a bond at the end and the bond gets heated first the bond is hard now there's a heating mechanism that takes the hard bond softens it so it can go around your hair and then hook on to your hair and this is very common also it's very common to call these a keratin bond keratin is the main protein of which your hair and nails are made out of so they're saying this is keratin but it's technically still a bond with just a little curtain in it okay that's all it is and then also they would have other extensions which they would use an apparatus like this with little beads and the beads would crush the little pieces of hair onto your own hair okay that was another form of extensions then they would actually take other extensions and they would take tracks like this and other small little hair pieces that they called extensions and they would put these clips in it in the very big loud sounding clips and they put this on it so you can manually do it yourself and take it off and on okay.

So there's all these different methods of hair extensions but they all have the same thing in common a common denominator and that is all methods of adding hair cause additional hair loss that's very important to understand and most of the public realizes that and when it comes to hair systems hair units hair processes they're basically hair pieces of which go on top of your hair and of which are we they shave your hair to put it on so all these methods the methods that war for hair replacement for more or less severe hair loss and all extensions all have the same common denominator and that is you lose more hair by adding hair and now my experience I'm a hairdresser putting hair on since 1975 a long time and I did all of these methods and I found these methods very fascinating but there were downfalls so I wanted to improve the downfall so they sort of led me into what I invented today which is called Invisablend or Hair Stranding and here's the key thing there was one key point there was actually three but the highest point was I needed to come up with a method of adding hair that was safe that was healthy for your own hair because even though some people would trade that off and lose hair to add hair I didn't want to do that I knew the public would love to have a way of adding hair while keeping the existing hair safe and healthy, so that was my biggest point in reference to inventing and visible and or hair stranding there was a second point I wanted it to feel like there's nothing there because all these other methods all the hair replacement systems non-surgical all the hair extensions all the different methods they had restrictions to them so you can do certain things and certain things you couldn't do and then also certain ways to move the hair you'd see it if you wring your hand in there you'd feel it okay.

So the feel was important to me so in addition to inventing something that was healthy I needed to invent something that was also a Now thing las' feel I always say as close as possible to nothing because if you don't feel anything then you're more comfortable because you forget it's nothing but your own hair okay so then I Lane leaned on that particular point and then there was a third point - and that was I wanted something universal here's what I mean by universal all these other methods for first certain haier situations so extensions as an example you couldn't put hair on top see okay and hair replacement you didn't do it to make your hair longer it wouldn't make any sense so as an example each of these different methods or for specific situations I wanted to invent something that was more Universal that one method was good for any situation any situation that exists on earth so in summary this is three points I want something healthy I want something that feels like there's nothing there and number three I want something Universal that's good for anybody and that's what was invented and it was invented due to this here as you've seen before the micro strand which is very hard to see the micro strand is very sheer it disappears this gets blended between your own hair and when it gets blended between your own hair it's healthy it's safe because when this is blended between your own hair you have full 100% access to your scalp all your scalp breathes all your hair is used that's what makes it safe and healthy and then of course we use a microscopic tip instrument that feeds one hair at a time on this that this becomes this here okay and that way this is customized for you and blend it in between your own hair but then again remember it's healthy because you have a hundred percent access to the scalp you're using all of your hair okay and let's talk about the feel the feel obvious when this is blended between your own hair you can dig right down to the scalp you can brush right down to the scalp you don't feel anything at all okay and when you touch it you don't feel anything at all

So the feel is next to feeling like there's nothing there at all and therefore you forget about your hair you want to walk around forgetting about your hair and just thinking just my own hair you don't want to be thinking about your hair you want to completely forget about it and the feel of being nothing there gives you that experience and then I want to touch on one other thing in reference to attachment we take whether you can see this or not we take a single micro strand and there's a special attachment called Strand Locking that was invented to go with this that's very revolutionary because what's done with this is all we uses this single micro strand we twined it around a few of your hair seven or eight hairs it makes a little anchor and this locks the finished product this down this locks this down in between your hair so therefore now it's secure it's part of you you can brush down the scalp you could do anything with it and here's the point of number three it's universal this can be customized for literally any situation that exists on earth. 

So please don't think that this won't work for you because this works on absolutely any situation that exists on earth and that's the story on how I led up to inventing this but as I call this story it's a limitless story with no ending reason why it's still in the beginning stages there's not enough people that know about this so we keep making videos to educate the public to spread the videos around so that way more and more people will know about this because still as of today people find out about it and go why did I know about this this is completely different this is obviously much better than anything else it's obviously revolutionary so we want to get it out into the world more and one way we do that is that we actually certify professionals and licensed professionals to do this this is how we're able to get this out into the world not only just the US but into the world and we do get calls from all different parts of the world. So that's why this story is said to have no ending because we have to keep progressing by keep educating the industry the professional industry and the public at large about this advanced technology so I hope that was very interesting to you and I'll see you soon on the next video Thank you.

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A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 3


A Limitless Hair Story with NO Ending : Part 3

Hello Dino here and welcome to another limitless hair expert tutorial today the subject is a 'Limitless story with no ending Part 3' now where we left off on part 2 on the previous video was about the invention of hair weaves and how that transferred over to somebody taking part of that technology and making it into a hair unit that was attached to stay on the head and what was done then is that from hair weaving they used to make cornrows which is our braids tie down against your head your own hair making a braid against your head and they took that principle from a hair weave and they use that with a hair system or a hair unit where they put the unit on top of the head and then 'wait a cornrow around the perimeter and they sewed the edge of the hair unit to the cornrow and thus now it was another breakthrough because now they can take people that have hair loss are very thin hair on top and they can actually put some sort of hair system or hair unit on top on a semi-permanent basis meaning where somebody can go to sleep and wake up with their hair diving on the water with their hair and these are major breakthroughs because remember before hair weaving and before hair systems were created everyone was adding hair where they add hair take it off at night and hair take it off so these are major breakthroughs to be able to keep hair on as part of you okay now the problem that arose from that was that making a braid around the perimeter of where your thin eventually then caused something called Baldness or Alopecia track sation.

So it almost created a new method of losing hair which again was called alopecia taxation' which means it was causing a tract of baldness around the because they cornrowed the edge over and over and over in the same place which made you lose more hair there so next then they came out with medical bonds so now they took the hair unit the hair system and they bonded it onto the scalp using a medical bond which made the track sation the alopecia track sation go away but caused another problem so it wasn't improvement but it is caused another problem and the problem that it caused was that you had to shave off any existing hair to bond on a unit and that's what still exists today by the way or if they don't shave your hair they bond on top of your hair and you lose your own hair so there's a common denominator here and that is all methods in the industry back then when this was first invented up to today still have one thing in common they all add hair and simultaneously cause you to lose hair which is not a good trade-off okay.

So that's where that ended up is now there were hair units hair systems although please be aware that each company that did these hair systems they put their own name to it to make it seem to the public as if it was a unique method but up to today all methods of adding hair they all cause you to lose more hair so please be aware of that so this story will continue on the next video called 'The limitless hair story with no ending part 4' and that story is going and then explain where that last technology was then picked up and improved into a brand new technology that is totally revolutionary totally opposite from everything so please stay tuned for the next video part 4 see you soon

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What Are Split Ends And What Can You Do About It - Limitless Hair Expert | Invisablend


What Are Split Ends And What Can You Do About It

Hello Dino here again and Welcome to another limitless hair expert tutorial and today's subject is 'What are split ends and what can you do about it' now most people really don't understand what split ends are and technically what you can do about it and that's why I wanted to explain this in this video split ends are from massively not taking care of your hair ignoring your hair that's what it really boils down to and here's the reason why when your hair is not moisturized enough what happens eventually is the ends of the hair actually split just like a snake's tongue in two parts and it's really mostly from not moisturizing your hair enough, whether your hair is naturally dry, whether you're putting a lot of chemicals on it.

It doesn't matter your hair always has to be balanced with moisturizer, if it's balanced with moisturizer you'll never get a split end it's just like your skin if you don't moisturize your skin any part of your skin your hand your face eventually what happens your skin cracks splits like a split end alright so that's from lack of putting enough moisturizer on it so through the year sometimes you have to put more moisturizer on your hair sometimes less but nevertheless you need to put a much or enough moisturizer on your hair that your hair always looks moist and moist through the part at the scalp all the way through to the shaft all the way down to the ends alright.

So that's how you avoid a split end right just keep that hair moisturized as much as humanly possible and there's very good moisturizers out there and here's the key to a good moisturizer and that is when you put a moisturizer on your hair it's as same as your skin it should seep in and it should make your hair feel silky if you put a moisturizer on and it's sort of greasy on your hair it's working but not as good as if it was to seep in if it seeps in and goes away and yet the hair is left moist then it's a good moisturizer and that's how you tell what moisturizer I use is called 'marula oil' by Paul Mitchell, because it's from Merle and nut in Africa that actually seeps deep into the hair shaft and moisturizes the hair from the outer part of the hair shaft right into the middle part of the hair shaft and the more you put on the more it moisturizes it from the outside down into the inside so please make sure you keep your hair moist and you'll never have a split end okay.

So today's quote is the following you cannot see what you don't believe in now if you watched our last video just before this it was a similar quote it's you cannot look for which you don't believe in this is a little different twist you cannot see what you don't believe in now this is based out of something called the law of belief it's a psychology sort of thing where there's something called a 'law of belief you become what you think about what you believe' in okay you produce what you believe in so in reference to your mind you will not be able to see or find things that you don't truly believe in and that's the moral of that quote all right in psychology there's something called 'scotoma' weird word scotoma that basically means a blind spot.

So let's give you a funny example if you're looking for a shampoo and you were frustrated and you didn't see it in the cabinet you didn't think or believe you would find it it might be right and funnier and you might be hollering that you're your husband or your wife and saying where is it I don't see it I don't see it and the reason why you don't see it is because you're not believing you're going to find it because you're frustrated out moment and what happens is your mind creates a blind spot called the scotoma and causes you to not really register in your mind so that's an example so you don't you cannot see what you don't believe in so please remember that from the law of belief now for our next limitless hair expert video that'll be a limitless hair story with no ending and this is going to be a very interesting story it's a story about how I created and invented a very unique revolutionary method of adding hair that is opposite from what's in the industry so please stay tuned for that video which is the next video under the limitless hair expert video tutorial see you soon.

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How Do You Add Hair While Keeping Your Hair Healthy - Limitless Hair Expert


How Do You Add Hair While Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Hello and welcome to another limitless hair expert tutorial my name is Dino and for anyone who has just joined us this is our 48th video and 47 videos ago I had an introduction video that explained with these video series is all about and it's called the limitless hair expert video tutorial where we combine both top expert hair advice with self-advancement a unique and needed combination and again for anyone who's just joined us I've been a licensed hairdresser since 1975 studying hair hair loss and methods of adding hair. In addition to that since 1978 I've spent two hours every single day five to six days a week studying everything and anything I can get my hands on and self-advancement so there where that's where my expertise lies in the area of self advancement.

So hair expertise self advancement and today's subject is 'How do you add hair while keeping your hair healthy' now something's very very important in the industry there's all these methods of adding hair there's all different kind of methods of hair extensions and hair weaves and hair systems non-surgical and surgical and there's powders that cover up your scalp and there's wigs. First thing I want to say is all the methods do cause some sort of damage on your hair or scalp and you have to be very careful of these okay all the methods except one which we'll get in on another time okay, but they all cause different problems with your hair and scalp so that's why I want to go through some specific principles on how to add hair while keeping your hair healthy because if you add hair for appearance for aesthetic reasons. It's still very important to keep your existing hair healthy and your scalp healthy so here are the principles number one the scalp is made to breathe you have to have access to that scalp so any method of adding hair that covers the scalp is not giving access to the scalp nor is it allowing the scalp to breathe either it's for a short period of time or a long period of time wigs are not good because they cover the hair okay and they cover the scalp and they don't let the scalp breathe so the less you have a wig on the better okay.

Hair extensions there's different methods they still tie up parts of the hair that block block part of the scalp okay the scalp needs to breathe the scalp is part of your skin and you should have access to your scalp and if you find a method that gives you full access to your scalp you're keeping your scalp healthy hope that makes logical sense now when it comes to your hair your hair needs to be up out and free any method that covers ties down your hair is not good for your hair and then the long run is going to damage your hair and or cause additional hair loss and I hope that makes a logical sense to you. So the methods of hair extensions that beed your hair together or they bond your hair together all right or that braids your hair down against your scalp anything that ties your hair together or ties it down is not usually good for your hair okay. So you need to have a method where you add hair but your existing hair is up out and free and you have a hundred percent access to your hair so if you have a method that allows you to leave your existing here alone and keep your existing here up out and free while adding here are then you have something golden and there is something out there in the market that does it but all the other methods do not so be very careful. So I just want everyone to understand the principles of what will allow you to add hair while keeping your hair healthy all right so please understand that there's one more thing to when you keep your hair up out and free you have access to your hair and access to your scalp you can get into the scalp to moisturize this gap to cleanse the scalp you can have access to using existing hair so you can moisturize your hair and treat your hair properly so these are very important principles. 

Now our quote for today is very interesting it is 'You cannot look for something you do not believe in' okay now there's a point here that's very important and that is you can't look for something your mind is not going to be able to allow you to look for something if you don't believe it now the basis from this is something in your brain called the 'RAS reticular activating system'. It's an actual part in your brain and the bottom part of your brain that what it does it filters out things that are not important to you so that way your mind is not overloaded with many things coming into it it only allows the stuff that's important to you to go in again called the RAS reticular activating system and that what it does is even something more important what it does it allows in what you believe this is what's so important remember the quote you cannot look for something that you don't believe in so the RAS does not allow something in your brain that you don't believe in okay so we all have problems we all have issues we all have things we're looking for and that's all true for all of us we're always looking for something so you will not be able to look for something that you don't believe you'll be able to find and it's tied in to the RAS the reticular activating system so it's very important to believe in something before you start looking into something okay, that's the moral of that and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert tutorial and that is 'What our split ends and what can you do about it' I'll see you soon.

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The True Facts About Growing Your Hair Back - Limitless Hair Expert


What are the True Facts About Growing Your Hair Back

Hello and welcome to another Limitless hair expert tutorials and today our subject is ‘What are the true facts about growing your hair back’, this is very important for everyone, there is different methods of growing hair back and I want a break them down in a categories and give you some realistic examples on when you can grow your hair back and when you cannot. Because it is very large industry, the industry of growing your hair back and every one should know the perspective when it will and when it might not grow back and when it possible can and to what degree. Now there is different ways of growing back your hair back, really under different categories. So number one is Topicals, that you put onto top there is almost two subcategories of that, there is a chemicals alright which is medicines you put on and there are natural products that you put on or any sort of chemicals, drug. So Topical is one number two there is something you digest alright a pill you ingest, that also grows your hair.

Number three there are Lasers, lasers comes in combs, lasers comes in helmet and then there is mega cones from the stand point of injections, Mega cone injections, something like they do stem cell research, where they inject into your scalp something to help stimulate your growth. So all of those really produce are about the same results, what I mean by that, is that yes can have one individual get a little better results on one of this categories over another, but generally they produce the same results as follows.

Number one they might not grow any hair on some people; it’s a little bit of gamble of thing you called it, if you don’t mind and you would apply one this or get one of this treatments and there is always a possibility they won’t do anything. Number tow there is a possibility that it might not grow hair but might slow down the fall out or any of these categories. Number three it might grow hair on you, although I want to be very be clear to everyone. When it does grow hair, it will not grow a substantial amount of hair, it’s not to grow your hair back. When it is successful it will grow a little fasis a little bit of degree of hair grow. So everyone should know that, so it said three steps, It might not do anything number one, number two It might just slowdown the fallout, number three it might grow hair in, but it will not grow any substantial amount of hair, any of this methods.

Now I am not against the hair grow treatment, I just want everyone to understand what they will do. So if you get any of these treatments it’s all you know about, number one it might not do anything, number two it might slow down my hair growth number three it might grow hair and if it does, it won’t be anything substantial. As long as you realise that going into one of this treatments, than that’s fine, but conversely it not good going into one of this treatments, completely think it’s going to get your hair back, because that’s not the case it’s gone one of those three. So please keep that in mind.

Now our quote for today is the following ‘Presides Rituals get Presides Results’ alright, Now I am gone a explain what that means, I am gone relate that too professional athletes alright.  Professional athletes follow these principles whether they know they following or not following ‘Presides Rituals get Presides Results’. So you have ever seen anybody whether it a golfer like ‘Tiger Woods’ you know whether it’s a baseball player you know like ‘Dot Cheater’ or basketball player you like ‘Michael Jordan’ they practices preside ritual over and over and over, by doing a specific ritual and the practicing, they get a specific results and that’s short a key  to why they are so extra ordinary, So you want a get very presides results you have to practice, one particular step over and over and over until it becomes your ritual and you notice this professional athletes, you look them very closely you will notice that before they get up the bed, before they shower, before they swing the club could be dancing or anything before they start they have some sort of rituals of what they move or what they do. Before they approach the ball and that the ritual that gets presides results.

So please take these principles to heart that if you want to get specific results in any area of your life, you should practice over and over and over until it becomes your ritual – ‘Rituals get Presides Results OK. So now our next Limitless hair expert videos tutorials are ‘What are the best type of shampoos to use’ and I am saying types not specific shampoos but actually types of shampoos you use and I will see you soon, Thank you.

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The Best Way to Prepare Your Hair in the Morning - Limitless Hair Expert


The Best Way to Prepare Your Hair in the Morning

Hello Dino here and welcome to another limitless hair expert video tutorial where we combine both top hair expert advice with self-improvement our subject for today is 'How to prepare or the best way to prepare your hair in the morning' now a lot to say about this number one it's very important to prepare yourself and take care of yourself first before you take care of others and approach the outside world and it could start really with your hair you want to feel good in the morning alright there's an old expression I got up on the wrong side of the bed what that technically means is you got up you didn't feel good and then you feel like the rest of your day is not so good alright you want to take care of yourself in the morning prepare yourself in the morning so that's the first important step now doing that in reference to your hair you want to make sure that your hair is looking good you want to make sure your hair is moisturize first that it looks healthy number one and then number two you want to prepare your hair in a certain way that makes you feel good it's something very unique about preparing your hair your hair is very similar to clay.

Now think of clay when it's soft when it's soft you mold it in position and then when you let it dry in that position it stays in that position your hair is very similar to that using me as an example that's exactly what I did with my hair when I got out of the shower today what I did is I combed it back I parted a certain way and made sure it was moisturized and I molded it in place in a way that I felt comfortable with it, after it was molded in place then it sort of sets so please remember that when you dampen hair or wet hair it's at a stage or you can then 'mold it' mold it meaning if you push it down as a bang it's going to stay as a bang all day you part it on the left it's going to stay pardon on the left all day my hair cannot part on the right using me as an example because it was wet I parted it this way if I want to part it on the right I have to wet it part it to the right and then it will stay that way so that's what I mean by as an example or an analogy that your hair is like soft clay whichever way you mold it when it's soft then it actually hardens and stays in that position same with your hair use water water is your best friend even through the day.

If you feel like you needed to restyle your hair a little bit grab a little bottle of water this is just water and just mist your hair so if you missed your hair you can comb it or put it in position and then that way let it dry in that position and it'll stay in that position and then after that then basically the hair can move around but it's going to basically stay in that position so you want to prepare yourself in the morning so you feel good about the way your hair looks then approach your day okay.

The Secret To Living Is Giving
— Tony Robbins

So now our quote for today is 'The secret to living is Giving' now that one I got from Tony Robbins alright and it has great significance what it basically means us as human beings ultimately feel great when we're giving to others now now that you should not take care of yourself you should take care of yourself very well because it makes you feel good and by taking care of yourself you actually set examples around others around you and then that causes you then to take care of others alright so the secret to living is giving and the more you give of yourself of your time of your money of your experience the better you feel and the more you grow so please keep that in mind and stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video which is what are the true facts about how to grow your hair back and I'll see you soon thank you

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